Posted By: Zak Smith on May 27, 2016

The Steel Safari is upon us! Here are final notes to competitors:

All competitors to bring the following items:

1. A reliable stopwatch. Link to cheap Casio stopwatch

2. A few permanent ink pens. Ultra-fine sharpies are recommended. Link to Ultra-fine sharpies

3. Binoculars for acting as RO.

Any competitors who are registered but have not had their entry acknowledged as “PAID” by 5/27/2016 need to bring payment to match check-in in the form of cash or a check.

Staff will be heading down Monday for final setup. Thus, we will have limited communication between now and match check-in on site. The best way to get a hold of the match director will be email or to leave a voicemail. We will check messages in the evening.

This year will be the biggest Steel Safari ever! Each year we’ve been letting in a few more competitors and the timing has more or less stayed on track. What this means, though, is that it’s even more critical to not waste time while on the course– that means no idle chit-chat before or after shooting a stage.

The front range will be open to competitors for zero check / sight-in Thursday from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Mandatory check-in/sign-in will be held during this time. All competitors must be checked-in by 5:00 PM. We will have a tech inspection during check-in. At 5:00 PM, there will be a mandatory shooters’ meeting at the front range.

For directions, please refer to this map, Map to BSR. Park only in the new parking lot located to the west of the main front range shooting area.

The range will be closed the week of the match, until 1:00 PM Thursday.


RESURGENCE rules updates for RIFLE and SHOTGUN

Posted By: Zak Smith on May 25, 2016

We have two rules updates for RESURGENCE in order that fewer people would need major equipment changes to shoot this match.

1. RIFLES in the Optics class may have more than one optic, IE, an “Open” Rifle optic configuration

2. SHOTGUNS have no limit on barrel length. Tube magazine length is limited to no longer than 23.5″ past the front edge of the receiver.

Please review the rules here RESURGENCE RULES


SAC Questions

Posted By: Zak Smith on April 30, 2016

I recently got these questions from a 2016 competitor,

What is the average distance between waypoints and what scale map will you be using? Thanks for the help.

You can probably deduce some of that from these maps

Also this post,

The map scale is still not finalized due to expansion of the target area


CD Upgrades Field Communications for 2016

Posted By: Zak Smith on April 26, 2016

For 2016 we’re happy to announce a significant upgrade in our field communications capabilities. Working with Kent at Tactical Repeater, we’ve put together a digital (DMR) based repeater system that will give us superior coverage, signal strength, bandwidth, and flexibility compared to our old radio system.

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Match Status Update - STEEL SAFARI FULL

Posted By: Zak Smith on April 20, 2016

Hello everyone,

The Steel Safari has been a very popular match for the last ten years; it has sold out every year since 2008. This year is no exception and we currently have just over a dozen on the wait list.

Those of you who missed the window of opportunity to get into the Steel Safari, or are on the wait list, please take a moment to consider the TEAM SAFARI. The TEAM SAFARI is just like the Steel Safari (and uses a very similar course), the only difference is that you shoot it with a partner. The TEAM SAFARI currently has plenty of open slots, so give it shot!

STEEL SAFARI WAIT LIST INCENTIVE – For a limited time, anybody who is on the Steel Safari wait list (as of 4/19) will get a $50 discount on the TEAM SAFARI match fee if they relinquish their Steel Safari wait list position and sign up for the Team Safari.

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