Posted By: Zak Smith on June 5, 2017

Congratulations to all competitors in the 2017 STEEL SAFARI! The STEEL SAFARI is the longest running field-style practical long-range rifle shooting match (that we know of). 2017 also marks the tenth year we’ve run this match since Dave Wheeler gave the reigns over to us.

Succeeding at the STEEL SAFARI requires an exceptional level of commitment to the science and art of practical rifle shooting. Just showing up is a significant achievement. Attendance has been increasing year over year and this year was the largest match to date.



Our goal is to create and run the best events. Please email us with feedback on how you think we can make our future events better.


Thanks to John Paul of JP Enterprises, the new owner of the Blue Steel Ranch.

Thanks to the staff: Jimmy Holdsworth, Casey Schrader, Stan Sanchez, Rollie Leighton, Scott Trowbridge, and Scot Hill (Hill People Gear).

Also, thanks to our sponsors: AA Targets, Burris Optics, Falkor Defense, Machinegun Tours, Mile High Shooting Accessories, TBAC, Bison Tactical, JP Enterprises, Swagger, US Optics, LA Sportiva, Nightforce, Proof Research, XS Sights, ZEV Technologies, 303 Arms, AttackPAK, Kifaru, Lapua, Nosler, Sierra, Tactical Brass Recovery, The Tactical Medic, Hill People Gear.



Posted By: Zak Smith on May 25, 2017

The Steel Safari is upon us! Here are final notes to competitors:

All competitors to bring the following items:

1. A reliable stopwatch. Link to cheap Casio stopwatch

2. A few permanent ink pens. Ultra-fine sharpies are recommended. Link to Ultra-fine sharpies

3. Binoculars for acting as RO.

Round count will be no more than 170 in the match.

Any competitors who are registered but have not had their entry acknowledged as “PAID” by 5/26/2017 need to bring payment to match check-in in the form of cash or a check.

Staff will be heading down Tuesday for final setup. Thus, we will have limited communication between now and match check-in on site. The best way to get a hold of the match director will be email or to leave a voicemail. We will check messages in the evening.

This year will be the biggest Steel Safari ever! Each year we’ve been letting in a few more competitors and the timing has more or less stayed on track. What this means, though, is that it’s even more critical to not waste time while on the course– that means no idle chit-chat before or after shooting a stage.

The front range will be open to competitors for zero check / sight-in Thursday from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Mandatory check-in/sign-in will be held during this time. All competitors must be checked-in by 5:00 PM. We will have a tech inspection during check-in. At 5:00 PM, there will be a mandatory shooters’ meeting at the front range.

For directions, please refer to this map, Map to BSR.

Park only in the new parking lot located to the west of the main front range shooting area.

The range will be closed the week of the match, until 1:00 PM Thursday.


Magpul Governor's Match Coming Up!

Posted By: Jimmy Holdsworth on May 25, 2017

A little more than two months from now, Competition Dynamics will be administering one of the biggest action shooting events in the state of Wyoming to date.

The Magpul Governor’s Match, will take place August 3rd-6th 2017 at the Otto Road Range, 10 minutes from Cheyenne, Wyoming. This event will be a 2-gun format: pistol and carbine (ie, semi-automatic rifle). The stages will be scenario based “run and gun” type shooting.

Governor Mead will be present and onsite for this event. With many other local agencies involved, it promises to be “the event of the summer” with all the stops pulled out. With this event the state is promoting shooting sports within the Wyoming, and is making a huge push to get shooters, as well as shooting industry types more involved within the state.

Notable generous local Gold sponsors for this event include, Magpul, Thunder Beast Arms, Gunwerks, and Hi Viz Sight Systems. These sponsors are thriving in Wyoming and are supporting the event in massive way. Plus there are many other sponsors involved in supporting and sponsoring the event along the Colorado front range as well.

Prize donations are in upwards of $100,000, plus there is a special prize donated by the state that is worth around $20,000, a fully inclusive Elk hunt. This special prize, a “commissioner tag”, and if chosen must be donated to the winners charity of choice, examples would be Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, NRA and so on.

There are still limited slots available, and you can sign up at http://competition-dynamics.com/

Match information, as well as the complete rule set can be found at www.competition-dynamics.com.

We hope see everyone here for this historic event. And keep an eye out as the time gets closer for updates.

Carbine targets will be mostly within 80 yards, with a few targets out to 400-600 yards.

Round count will not exceed 200 rifle / 200 pistol.



The Historic Plains Hotel (307) 638-3311
Little America (307) 775-8400
The  Radisson (307)  638-4466
TownePlace  Suites (307) 634-0400
Fairfield Inn and Suites (307) 634-0401
Mention you’re shooting the Magpul Governor’s Match for the discount.


Seeking Range Officers for 2017 Season

Posted By: Zak Smith on May 3, 2017

Want to be part of a Competition Dynamics event? We are currently seeking Range Officers for our 2017 events. Here’s an overview of our Range Officer (RO) Program. Besides being part of a world-class event and seeing some of the best shooters shoot the events, you can earn a free competitor slot for any of our matches — even if the regular slots are booked.

We are looking for some RO’s for these events:




TEAM SAFARI: Oct 20-22, Logan, NM

For more information about any of these matches, please refer to the main Competition Dynamics web page

Please contact me at zak@competition-dynamics.com if you’d like to volunteer!


Gmail eating Emails - Please Retry

Posted By: Zak Smith on April 12, 2017


We just found out that Gmail had been classifying a disproportionately large number of legitimate incoming emails as “SPAM”. If you’ve sent us an email in the last month and haven’t heard back, please try again, or just give us a call.


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