Posted By: Zak Smith on October 19, 2020

Congrats to the Team Safari champions, Andy Reinhardt and Collin Fossen. Here are the full results

This was the biggest Team Safari to date, thanks to everyone for helping us have a safe and successful match.

We’ll have the 2021 schedule done and posted by mid Dec. Our goal is to keep the same “weekends” year over year, if you need to make early plans now.



Posted By: Zak Smith on October 5, 2020

At the present time, NM guidelines, dictums, orders, etc, permit outdoor activities provided that participants maintain “social distancing” of 6 feet, and we do not congregate in groups larger than 10 people. Thus, the Team Safari will proceed with just a few changes vs. normal.

These changes will not affect the “Spirit of the match” or the shooting challenges, it will mostly be administrative and lessening the amount of interaction between competitors and competitors/staff.

We will be having a MANDATORY ONLINE BRIEFING FOR NEW TEAM SAFARI SHOOTERS – that is, everyone who has NOT SHOT THE TEAM SAFARI BEFORE MUST ATTEND – this Friday Oct 9th at 6:00PM MTN time on GoToMeeting, OR– we have an additional one on Saturday Oct 10th at 6:00PM MTN if you can’t make the first one. The link will be sent out in a separate email.

We will be re-using the Steel Safari ONLINE verbal briefing because it is 98% the same as the Team Safari briefing. We will go over the differences in the online briefings for new shooters.

Match Format Adjustments: We are consolidating the four assault stages in to either 2 long ones, or 2 long ones and 1 standards.

Here are some of the most important things to know NOW:


2. We will have a temperature-check station on-site on Thursday. People with Temperatures higher than specified by our consulting medical personnel will not be able to compete and will have to leave.

3. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you take your temperature and monitor your health closely leading up to your departure for SS. It would suck to drive the whole way only to show up with symptoms.

4. Everyone on-site will be required to maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING of 6 feet at all times. This is for safety and to prevent us from being shut down in case the guidelines in NM are not relaxed and L.E. stops by. The 6′ rule will be enforced at all times with the exception of people who have traveled together the whole trip, and those people are to not have close contact with others.

5. Check-in will be mostly “virtual” or electronic with minimal interaction on-site. We will provide the waivers for you to complete and deposit on-site.

6. We will not have a regular SHOOTERS MEETING– it will be VIRTUAL. Prior to the SS, Jimmy and I will put together the Match Briefing Packet and a video and/or audio recording of the normal briefing and send these out via email. It will be your responsibility to understand this material. Present questions BEFORE THE MATCH via PHONE or EMAIL. This way we can eliminate more on-site 1:1 interaction.

7. Please limit groupings to 10 people or less at all times to comply with NM orders.


Registration is now kind of a mess, with everything on hold, checks not cashed immediately due to potential cancellation, etc. Please bear with us to get this straightened out. Here is the current status”

1. Those who currently have a CONFIRMED/PAID status are good to go.

2. Those who have sent funds but have not yet been marked PAID please check with me ASAP to make sure we have not received your funds.

3. At this point, please bring cash if you haven’t paid yet.

4. WE WILL NOT BE DOING ANY ON-SITE REGISTRATIONS. So register online if you want to come.

5. The last day we can receive and log-in payments before we head to the SS site is Friday Oct 9. Let’s get payments squared away ASAP, it’ll make it easier for everyone in the long term.

We are also looking for a couple more “Course Starters”–please contact Jimmy or I if you’re interested. You can’t be a “course starter” and a competitor, though you’ll have plenty of time to shoot for fun on-site as a staff member.




Posted By: Zak Smith on September 7, 2020

Hey, could who-ever picked up the “Dodd Precision Weaponry Knives” at SAC please contact him so he can go over care and warranty and so forth with you?



Posted By: Zak Smith on September 7, 2020

Congrats to all competitors! Here are the 2020 SAC results 2020 RESULTS PDF.


SAC Competitor Information - 2020

Posted By: Zak Smith on August 30, 2020

This the pre-match competitor information for the 2020 SAC. It comprises two parts, (I) administrative “pre-work” to do before arriving and bring to check-in (primarily due to covid), and (II) additional match-related information competitors (similar to prior years).


There are some mandatory “To Do” items for ALL COMPETITORS. Go to this link and follow those instructions


1. SPOTS- The following change is being made due to some changes on the SPOT system side. Please turn your SPOT on on Thursday the 3rd for a few hours in the afternoon, prior to check-in, with TRACK MODE on. This is so that we can verify good tracking data is coming in. Then at check-in, we can make sure everyone is still GTG. Friday morning, make sure they are powered on and TRACKING MODE ON by 6:30 AM. Teams with non-tracking SPOTS will not be allowed to leave on land-nav missions.

The SPOT tracker links is here: 2020 SPOT TRACKER

2. CHECK-IN LOCATION. Check-in and match HQ will be at Travis’s house, 646 Wagonhound Rd. This driveway is opposite the 646 sign that says “Travis Brayden”.

3. PARKING: For check-in, you may drive down to the house to check-in. For the race on Friday morning, you must park at the end of driveway on the SE corner of where his driveway meets Wagonhound. Please make sure your vehicles are fully out of both the driveway and the road.

4. Check-in will be available 5-7pm THURSDAY ONLY. Check-in is required prior to 7:00 PM THURSDAY if you want to race. All competitors and guests on-site must sign waivers (bring pre-signed).

5. Please bring a few sheets of paper and a pen appropriate for making field sketches or reports. Some type of waterproof or water resistant paper is recommended (rite in the rain, revlar, terraslate, etc), but not required.

6. You need to have tested your water purification devices and processes before you show up. A significant portion of “available water” on this course will be from natural sources. Think “expedition style” as opposed to water tanks everywhere. There is a lot of natural water on the course and you will need to be able to use it.

7. There is no place to check zero or sight in once on site. Show up ready to shoot for score.

8. NO FIRES. The requirement for the “signal flares” is waived. You cannot make any fire, not even stoves, jetboils, etc. Everything is too dry. The place will go up due to any flame source. MRE heaters used as-intended are OK.

9. At check-in, you will get a race packet that outlines the procedures and scoring. Read how scoring works. There will be an opportunity to have questions answered Thursday before 7pm and Friday morning at muster. Bring your firearms to check-in for TECH INSPECTION. Firearms must be cold/unloaded.

10. Muster at 8:00 AM Friday, ready to race. (All firearms to be “cold.”) The Muster Line will be in open area by Travis’s house.

11. Remember, you will need to bring a check or cash for $100 (exact change please) for your radio deposit. This will be returned when you turn in your (working) radio. Radio deposits will be exchanged for radios upon race end, or before awards on Sunday. Please note that if you quit the race early, you may have to wait until staff is available, or until awards Sunday, for the exchange.

12. Awards will be at the check-in location at 10:00 AM Sunday.

13. The Spot Tracker URL is at the top of this message. No points will be displayed with timestamps before Friday at 0630.


15. The core staff will be heading up Tues AM. Once we are on-site, communications are very difficult. I will check my email about twice a day.

16. You will be issued a 1:24000 map for the race course. At check-in, you will need to copy DANGER and/or NOGO boundaries from a master map we have posted.

17. Personal climbing gear is strongly recommended. This comprises a helmet, a few UIAA-rated locking carabiners, a tube-style belay device, and a helmet. We have “some” loaners, but if you have this requirement you might be delayed. You may stash all this gear in your CACHE bag.

18. You need to know how to safely belay your partner using devices from #17.

If we have any additional competitor notes, they will be published in the same manner as this notice.

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