Seeking a few Range Officers for Team Safari

Posted By: Zak Smith on October 11, 2017

Team Safari is coming up next week! We are looking for a couple more Range Officers. ROs at Team Safari will act as the first-out on the trail each morning and then RO an “action” stage in the afternoon. We’ll need you there Thursday morning and the match work part will be wrapped up by noon on Sunday. RO’ing at a CD event gets you a free entry at a future event, per our RO program. Please contact Zak at if you’re interested



Posted By: Zak Smith on September 12, 2017

The top-3 teams all did 48-54 miles in 29-33 hours. Here’s the initial number crunch based on SPOT data, which should be considered an estimate only since SPOT data transmissions are not consistent.

2 Murphy Daniel 52.27 miles in 32.9 hours 1.59 mph
38 Way James 48.21 miles in 31.9 hours 1.51 mph
33 Frantz Leland 54.59 miles in 29.1 hours 1.88 mph
15 Barton Hilmisson 38.17 miles in 31.2 hours 1.22 mph
24 Oler Brown 40.41 miles in 33.0 hours 1.23 mph
11 Dodd Dodd 39.02 miles in 31.7 hours 1.23 mph
41 Kulin Opjorden 42.28 miles in 31.0 hours 1.36 mph
31 Wilson Haizlip 27.51 miles in 31.7 hours 0.87 mph
4 Locke Trout 37.43 miles in 31.2 hours 1.20 mph
1 Hillbo Caspers 34.55 miles in 32.1 hours 1.08 mph
17 Cole Fry 34.51 miles in 30.1 hours 1.15 mph
9 Meyer Standridge 34.22 miles in 29.6 hours 1.16 mph
40 Cross McConnaughey 31.37 miles in 31.4 hours 1.00 mph
36 Shay DiRezza 34.98 miles in 31.0 hours 1.13 mph
13 Brown Looney 34.51 miles in 32.5 hours 1.06 mph
10 Kajko Detweiler 23.68 miles in 31.7 hours 0.75 mph
25 Wright Morrow 35.13 miles in 29.0 hours 1.21 mph
14 Millette Marion 36.64 miles in 33.8 hours 1.08 mph
27 Bernardoni Keeler 32.04 miles in 23.0 hours 1.39 mph
30 Anderson Ong 27.57 miles in 29.8 hours 0.93 mph
23 Way Way 25.06 miles in 25.8 hours 0.97 mph
18 Wymer DeBonis 19.56 miles in 26.9 hours 0.73 mph
32 Wyatt Kodysh 22.05 miles in 27.7 hours 0.80 mph
6 O'Keefe Steven 21.07 miles in 29.2 hours 0.72 mph
16 Maley Campbell 26.89 miles in 28.8 hours 0.93 mph
12 Gregan Sullivan 13.35 miles in 21.6 hours 0.62 mph
20 Griffiths Gulick 13.96 miles in 14.0 hours 0.99 mph
26 Cisper Higgs 14.40 miles in 12.0 hours 1.20 mph

Teams that are missing had gaps in the SPOT data.



Posted By: Zak Smith on September 11, 2017

We congratulate all the competitors of the 2017 SNIPER ADVENTURE CHALLENGE. This was the largest SAC ever, with 42 teams starting. The most impressive part is that ALL 42 teams returned to base under their own power. We also had almost half of the field qualify for SAC Finisher patches. GREAT JOB! We couldn’t be more impressed by the caliber of teams at this year’s SAC. Finishing the SAC is a significant accomplishment and demonstrates a level of skill, wits, and fitness that very few people on the planet strive to, let alone achieve.


Top 5:


Our goal is to create and run the best events. Please email us with feedback on how you think we can make our future events better.


Thanks to our new venue, the Q Creek Ranch, and our liaison, Tad Anderson.

Thanks to the main staff, Jimmy and Collin. These guys take on responsibility for major parts of match setup and operations.

Thanks to our Medical staff: Dr. Bruce, Chris, Cheryl, Ken. You do great work!

Thanks to the RO’s: Clay, Scott, Nick, Rocky, Mark, Lorna, Mark, Justin, Tyler, Vernon, Yves, Chris, Alex, Vic, Andy, Ed, Pete, Dylan, Tad, and Stan.

Thanks to our sponsors- TBAC, AA Targets, Armageddon Gear, CZ-USA, Daniel Defense, Falkor Defense, MGTS, Mile High Shooting, Badger Ordnance, Bison Tactical, La Sportiva, Swagger Bipods, US Optics, ZEV, 303 Arms, AttackPAK, Kifaru International, Hill People Gear, Lapua, Nosler, Q Creek, Sierra, The Tactical Medic.

We will follow up with some SPOT analysis data within the next week.

I hope to be able to post some SPOT analysis in the next about week.

The SAC Staff



Posted By: Zak Smith on September 5, 2017

Here’s the SPOT tracker for the 2017 SAC, 2017 SAC SPOT LINK. Data will become visible starting Friday morning.


SAC Competitor Information

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 4, 2017

Make sure we have your SPOT data registered with us AND that you have enabled TRACK mode for at least an hour. No team whose SPOT is not tracking will be permitted to do the land nav mission.

As of now the following teams are not “SPOT complete”: 2271 (no points); 5441 (no track); 5892 (no track); 6328 (not submitted); 8013 (no points); 8181 (no points); 8452 (not submitted); 9256 (not submitted)

If you plug “Shirley Basin Leo Loop, Hanna, WY” into Google maps, it’ll take you pretty much right to the Q Creek HQ. The UTM coords of the HQ are approx 13T 374250 4674100.

Check-in will be available 5-7pm THURSDAY ONLY. Check-in is required prior to 7:00 PM THURSDAY if you want to race. All competitors and guests on-site must sign waivers.

On Friday morning, make sure your SPOT is on and tracking by 7:00 AM so that we can verify everyone is online before race start.

Please bring a few sheets of paper and a pen appropriate for making field sketches or reports. Some type of waterproof or water resistant paper is recommended (rite in the rain, revlar, terraslate, etc), but not required.

You need to have tested your water purification devices and processes before you show up. A significant portion of “available water” on this course will be from natural sources. Think “expedition style” as opposed to water tanks everywhere. There is a lot of natural water on the course and you will need to be able to use it.

There is no place to check zero or sight in once on site. Show up ready to shoot for score.

At check-in, you will get a race packet that outlines the procedures and scoring. Read how scoring works. There will be an opportunity to have questions answered Thursday before 7pm and Friday morning at muster.

Muster at 8:00 AM Friday, ready to race. (All firearms to be “cold.”)

Remember, you will need to bring a check or cash for $100 (exact change please) for your radio deposit. This will be returned when you turn in your (working) radio. Radio deposits will be exchanged for radios ONLY on Sunday prior to awards.

In a few days, we will post the public SPOT TRACKER URL. This is the live map your fans at home can watch. No points will be displayed with timestamps before Friday at 0700.


The core staff will be heading up Wed AM. Once we are on-site, communications are very difficult. I will check my email and voicemail about twice a day and do my best to get back to you.

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