Posted By: Zak Smith on January 31, 2016

We are pleased to announce a series of “LOCAL” matches at our Douglas location this summer. For several years, people have asked if we could run monthly or “local” matches at Douglas. When we asked on Facebook and elsewhere about a month ago, we had roughly 50 shooters respond, “Yes! If you run it we will come!”. There were some details to sort out, but now it’s all set.

We will hold three “Douglas Rifle Matches” (DRM) this summer. Matches are on Sundays, and the dates are June 19, July 24, and August 14.

The format of the match will be roughly similar to the NRAWC Sporting Rifle Match. In other words, there will be small squads. The targets will not be surprise; each squad will have a short amount of time to locate and range them. The stages will be spread out over a hiking course, but hiking will not be “on the clock.” We will have approx 60 targets/engagements. There will be an “Open” rifle division, and a short-action semi-auto (ie AR-15) division.

Austin Angus, of AA Targets, will be the Guest Match Director for the DRM matches this summer. Thanks for stepping up Austin!

On the day before (Saturday), we will have check-in, a zero-check range of some sort (with a few KD style targets). Late check-in will be available Sunday the morning of each match.

In addition, on Saturday there will be two other optional activities.

(1) “SAC-Lite Challenge.” Back in 2012 we ran a “Combat Biathlon” at Douglas. That kind of challenge is something we always wanted to try, and, other than the big Sniper Adventure Challenge match, we haven’t been able to run local events that incorporated a physical challenge. So each Saturday, instead of shooting the zero-check/KD range, for a nominal additional fee, you can compete in a rotating SAC-Lite Challenge. Examples might include a Combat Biathlon (Run), Mountain-Bike-and-Shoot, or other physical exertion fused with a shooting challenge. We will have details about the SAC-Lite challenge offered each month about 4 weeks before each event. If you have an idea you want us to try, please email us. Pre-registration for the SAC-Lite challenge is not required, however, we would appreciate an RSVP.

(2) Colorado Precision Rifle Train-Up. Brian Whalen will be running a field-shooting clinic on Saturday. This is an opportunity to get some expert instruction on the exact type of shooting we’ll have in the match, at an affordable price. Brian will have more details about this closer to the match dates.

We are using CD’s normal pre-registration and pre-payment system for these local matches. This means match slots are pre-allocated to those who have pre-registered and pre-paid. Last-minute on-site signup will be more expensive ($100 vs. $80) and will be on a slots-available basis only. In other words, if you do not pre-register, we might not have a slot if you show up the day of.

If your payment is not received by its due date, your pre-registration will expire. You may re-apply if time allows or show up at pay the “day of” price.

The way the timing will work for pre-registration and pre-payment will be that the online registration window will close about 15 days before the match date. This permits the usual CD payment window of 14 days so funds will arrive no later than the Friday preceding the match. If your funds don’t show up by then, you’ll pay the $100 “day of” price. For the Douglas Rifle Matches, please note that there are no refunds once you pay.

A “SEASON PASS” is available for all three 2016 DOUGLAS RIFLE MATCHES at a discounted rate. If you participate in the SEASON PASS, you will end up paying a total of $210 for the 3 matches, or only $70 per match. Please see the match web site for details on exactly how to buy a SEASON PASS.

For full details about registration, please consult the DRM web pages, as found on the main Competition Dynamics web site
These pages will be updated as additional information becomes available.

Registration will open Feb 1st!

For these local matches to continue, we need at least a dozen shooters at each match. We will start with a cap of 36 and adjust it upward if we need to.


2016 Competition Dynamics Registration Status

Posted By: Zak Smith on January 26, 2016

Ok everyone, here’s the post-SHOT-Show registration update:

STEEL SAFARI – full with waiting list (about a dozen)
SNIPER ADVENTURE CHALLENGE – still has slots open
US OPTICS TEAM CHALLENGE – still has slots open
RESURGENCE 3-GUN – Filling up fast, register soon!
TEAM SAFARI – still has open slots

I would urge anyone who wants to shoot these matches to sign up ASAP. Generally there is a cheaper price if you register more than 2 months before the event. It also helps us tailor the match logistics to the number of people attending if we have an accurate count sooner.

For those of you who like the Steel Safari, the Team Safari is just the same format but with a partner shooting a carbine.

The US OPTICS TEAM CHALLENGE will be similar to the TBTC of prior years, but with input for some of the stages from our friends at the US Optics, including Jim Gilliland and Jason Kyle.


Staff availability SHOT Show week

Posted By: Zak Smith on January 14, 2016

We’ll be at the SHOT Show next week (Jan 17-23), so no registration deposits will be handled that week. If you have a payment that either goes delinquent or is due soon, just keep in mind we won’t be processing any more incoming match payments until Jan 24th.

If you’d like to connect with us at SHOT, Jimmy and Zak will be there, and good places to find us are the Thunder Beast Arms booth (8407) or the JP Enterprises booth (6113). Make sure you stop by the JP booth to for early registration for RESURGENCE. (Open online registration will start Friday Jan 22)


RESURGENCE Registration Announcement

Posted By: Zak Smith on January 13, 2016

“Nine months from now you will be in the Southwest. You will be short on breath, covered in dirt, reaching for magazines that aren’t there, and wondering what you’ve gotten yourself in to. You will finish the stage and wonder how other shooters did, and then think: “I am at RESURGENCE!”

You’ve heard the rumors about the old SOF matches – the pinnacle of 3-Gun before it was cool, where camo was still welcome, and it didn’t feel like you were at a NASCAR race. Where the FAL was competitive next to the AUG and the Galil, and stone cold shooting skill, not magazine capacity or shotshell loading speed races ruled the day.

RESURGENCE will be a straight-up hard shooting match where the man with the best marksmanship, weapons handling, and ability to think on his feet will rule the day.


Come to the JP Enterprises Booth (6113) to register early

Here you will be able to submit your email address on our iPad to obtain a registration code, which you can complete immediately on your phone, tablet, and/or laptop. Your registration is not complete until you’ve filled out all your info and submitted it.

For questions at the SHOT Show, please find Jimmy Holdsworth, Zak Smith, or Eric Miller. The TBAC (8407) and JP (6113) booths are good places to find us.

Open online registration will start on the Friday of SHOT Show (Jan 22nd) at 0800 MST and will be roughly first come first served, subject to availability of match slots and uncontrollable email delivery delays. http://resurgence3gun.com/ then follow the REGISTER link.


Registrations over the Holidays

Posted By: Zak Smith on December 30, 2015

For those of you wondering why your payments sent in the last couple weeks haven’t been updated, it’s due to the Holidays. We’ll process all of these next week and get everyone’s status up to date. Nobody will lose their spot before 1/6/2016

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