2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge   Oct 17-19 at Logan, NM


Posted By: Zak Smith on October 20, 2014

Congratulations to all competitors in the 2014 THUNDER BEAST TEAM CHALLENGE. Succeeding at the TBTC requires an exceptional level of skill in long-range rifle and carbine shooting, along with a high level of fitness. The top 30% of the teams were separated by less than 300 points (the value of one Field Stage).




Our goal is to create and run the best events. Please email us with feedback on how you think we can make our future events better.


Thanks to John Paul of JP Enterprises, the new owner of the Blue Steel Ranch.

Thanks to the staff: Jimmy, Casey, Jeff, and Ann. These guys (and gal) take on responsibility for major parts of match setup and operations

Thanks to all the RO’s: Grant, John, Zion, Ken, Clay, Shawn, Steve, and Stan. Competitors ran 3 Field Stages — these guys ran about 12. The TBTC is pretty hard on RO’s and these guys did a great job.

Thanks to the medical volunteers, especially Doc Bruce for his continued support.

Also, thanks to our sponsors, TBAC, AA Targets, EXOS Defense, JP Enterprises, Surefire, Armageddon Gear, Deliberate Dynamics, Blackhawk, Burris/Steiner, Hornady, Magpul, OpticsPlanet, US Optics, ZEV Technologies, Reaper Innovative Precision, Kifaru Tactical, Lapua, Odin Works, and Sierra. Ann will be sending out an additional email to competitors with the “thank-you” contacts for them.

Zak and Jeff



Posted By: Zak Smith on October 6, 2014

Here are some last minute updates for Thunder Beast Team Challenge competitors:

1. Check-in/Zero-check will be from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM Thursday. During this time (and this time only), you may check zero on the front range. You can set your own paper out between 50-300 yards. There may be a few steel targets available to shoot with rifle. Please do not show up early.

2. You must be checked in by 5:00 PM Thursday. The shooters meeting will start immediately at 5:00 PM. It is mandatory. It shouldn’t take longer than about a half hour, not counting questions.

3. Like last year, there will be a tech inspection during check-in. This will include a check of mechanical safeties and a drop test of approx one foot (vertical rifle onto butt pad).

4. Recap of changes for this year. This is restated from the 2014 match description so everyone knows what to expect. The “gully assault” stages are gone and are replaced with what we are calling “mid range assault courses.” These mid-range courses will be shot by both team members at the same time using two carbines, and will have targets for both members from approx 100 yards out to approx 450 yards. We will also have some pistol-only stages for both team members. In both cases, these stages will be scored using “time plus penalties” scoring (3-Gun style). In total, we expect to have 3 field courses (rifle + carbine), approx 4 mid-range assault courses (two carbines, pistol possible), 1-2 pistol stages, and two night stages. We will have stage scores “weighted” similar to last year: field 200 points, mid-range assault and pistol 100 points each, and night 50 points each.

5. For the night stages, we will supply any permitted lighting equipment. Night vision is not permitted.

6. You will receive a briefing packet at check-in that contains full information about scoring, schedule, etc.

7. Most of the match staff will be traveling to Logan late this coming weekend, so communications the week of the match will be sporadic. We will get back to you in the evenings if possible.

8. Please park by the front range along the road, only. No camping is available on site– there is camping near Ute Lake.

9. Over the course of a day, you will need to walk several miles. You will have to walk up to a mile to get to the start of each field course. Each field course is approx 0.75 – 1.25 miles in length. Then you will have to walk from the end of the field course back to the front range. You will also have to walk to each of the mid-range assault courses, which will be scattered around the field area. You should plan to be self sufficient from before your allotted field course time through the return to your vehicle, and then during the afternoon while shooting approx 3 mid-range assault courses or pistol stages. You will have a break before returning for your scheduled night-shoot stage each of Friday and Saturday nights.


2014 TBTC T-Shirt Order Due

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 24, 2014

It’s time to get the t-shirt order in for the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge. T-shirts will be $10 for the first one and $15 for extras.

They are printed on high quality USA-made blanks from American Apparel by local printing company here in Fort Collins. For sizing on American Apparel shirts please check this out,
they do run on the “trim fit” side.

Shirts will be brought to the match to be picked up at check-in, and you can pay us there.

Please send the sizes and quantity you want to info@competition-dynamics.com no later than Sunday Sept 28th.



Posted By: Zak Smith on September 9, 2014

We are seeking Range Officers for the THUNDER BEAST TEAM CHALLENGE, which takes place October 17-19th at the Blue Steel Ranch in Logan, NM.

Range Officers MAY shoot the match “for score.” The match directors will RO the RO’s through any “blind” stages to ensure that all competitors have the same surprises and challenges. RO “Shoot Through” will take place on October 15-16, directly prior to the main match. We are also accepting RO’s who do not need/want to shoot the match. For reference, here is the CD Range Officer Program.

The THUNDER BEAST TEAM CHALLENGE is a match for two-man teams shooting one long-range rifle, two mid range carbines, and two pistols. It has 3x, one-hour long field stages that involve one to one-and-a-half miles of movement interspersed with carbine and rifle shooting at UKD targets spread out in the field. Then there are mid-range (50-500 yard) carbine assault stages, some pistol stages, and then two night stages.

If you’d like to help us RO this match, please contact us ASAP at info@competition-dynamics.com



Thunder Beast Team Challenge registration opens SAT Feb 1st.

Posted By: Zak Smith on January 29, 2014

Just a reminder, registration for the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge opens Saturday Feb. 1st at 7:00 AM (MST). At that time you can register at this link, TBTC Registration


Changes for the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge

Posted By: Zak Smith on December 30, 2013

NEW FOR 2014: Pistol will be required.

Instead of having 6 close-range assault stages, we are going to replace some of those with mid-range carbine courses of fire held out in the terrain. Those of you who have shot the old Pueblo Rifle (carbine) Match or remember the Point Blank LEO 3-Gun @ Pueblo might get the idea. We are also adding pistol. I promise to make the night stages a little bit easier.

I would like to get some feedback from competitors and people who are interested for 2014. Which of these combinations would you prefer and why?

(1) keep rifle, both carbines, and add 2 pistols
(2) keep rifle, both carbines, and add only 1 pistol (who gets it, rifle or carbine guy)
(3) keep rifle, only one carbine, and 2 pistols
(4) some other combination- explain

We like #1 but worry that it’s too many guns to travel with for people who fly in.