Changes for the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge

Posted By: Zak Smith on December 30, 2013

NEW FOR 2014: Pistol will be required.

Instead of having 6 close-range assault stages, we are going to replace some of those with mid-range carbine courses of fire held out in the terrain. Those of you who have shot the old Pueblo Rifle (carbine) Match or remember the Point Blank LEO 3-Gun @ Pueblo might get the idea. We are also adding pistol. I promise to make the night stages a little bit easier.

I would like to get some feedback from competitors and people who are interested for 2014. Which of these combinations would you prefer and why?

(1) keep rifle, both carbines, and add 2 pistols
(2) keep rifle, both carbines, and add only 1 pistol (who gets it, rifle or carbine guy)
(3) keep rifle, only one carbine, and 2 pistols
(4) some other combination- explain

We like #1 but worry that it’s too many guns to travel with for people who fly in.