Posted By: Zak Smith on July 24, 2017

With the match coming up in about 10 days, here are some notes about the Magpul Governor’s Match:

1. SQUADDING. Each small group to elect ONE CAPTAIN ONLY. That group captain will collect the names of people who want to be on the same group. Groups should be 6 or fewer people. That group captain ONLY will send ONE EMAIL to Make sure the subject is “MGM SQUADDING”. We cannot ensure that all requests will end up on the same squad. We will ignore any names that are not currently signed up. Orphaned group requests (ie, those outside of a captained-group) may be ignored.

2. ROUND COUNTS. 200 rifle, 200 pistol should be more than enough to shoot the match. Bring extra if you tend to shoot extra, or if you will shoot extra in the side matches.

3. SIDE MATCHES. We will have a machinegun side match, a transition side match, a Wyoming 100 side match that will be live during regular match-stage hours. Some “may” be open on Thursday.

4. VENDOR DEMO SHOOTING. There will be some vendor demo shooting on Thursday.

5. “SIGHT IN”. We will gave a relatively short range (ie less than 100 yards) zero-check and function check range available on Thursday for competitors.

6. CHECK-IN / LATE REGISTRATION REMINDER. EVERY SHOOTER MUST BE PRE REGISTERED. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If you want to shoot this match, make sure you are signed up ASAP. To be signed up means you have a registration confirmation number and the registration is paid on time, and that your online registration shows the CONFIRMED status. If you have a registration in NONPAID or WITHDRAWN status, you are NOT signed up. If your registration is in “Slot Granted – Pending Payment – Delinquent” it means your slot is not guaranteed and you must rectify the payment status ASAP. If you are “Slot Granted – Pending Payment” status, please pay ASAP. If you are not pre-registered, do not plan to “walk-on.” You must be pre-registered per the above criteria to shoot this match.


8. WAIVERS. Everyone on the range will have to sign the CD waiver.

9. WALK THROUGHS. Most stages will be available for walk-throughs starting at 0800 Thursday. During the match times starting 0800 Friday, it is requested that all competitors STAY OFF stages unless your squad is scheduled to be on the stage at that time. Each squad will get an official briefing when it is to report to the stage and a very brief time period for final walk-throughs then (like a combined briefing and walk-through time of about 5 minutes).

10. FOOD VENDOR. We will have a food vendor on site for Breakfast and Lunch Thursday through Sunday. In addition, Monster Energy will be on site with refreshments.

11. REGISTRATION STILL OPEN. We still have a few slots left for this match. Please sign up ASAP.

12. LATE PAYMENTS. We will check the PO Box one final time on Friday July 28th. If your payment is not delivered by then, you must bring it in cash or check format to the match check-in. No competitor will be allowed to check in who is not paid.

Please review the official information on the match web site, MAGPUL GOVERNOR’S MATCH WEB SITE