Aug 3-6, 2017 at Cheyenne, WY



"The carbine was the traditional `saddle gun' of the west. Originating in the Civil and Indian wars, the historic lever action rifle was a quick handling, light, fast firing rifle with high magazine capacity - a role now filed by modern semi-automatic rifles."

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead came to us with the idea to run a "Big Match" in 2017 in order to promote excellence in the shooting sports and to showcase Wyoming's own firearms industry.

We are pleased to be able to bring you the 2017 MAGPUL Wyoming Governor's Match, an individual multi-gun match for a modern semi-automatic rifle and modern service pistol. An AR-15 and a Glock or SIG are perfect for this match.

Stages will be action-oriented "3-Gun-Style Stages",
we are only shooting rifle and pistol -- no shotgun.

This is an "Outlaw" match.

What do these ratings mean?
   Physical Difficulty: 2 (Easy)
   Marksmanship Complexity: 5 (Moderate)
  • Jimmy Holdsworth

    Match Director
  • Zak Smith

    Managing Director
  • Casey Schrader

    Operations Executive
  • Three Days of Shooting
  • Theme-based stage scenarios
  • 8 Match stages
  • Several Side-Match stages
  • 2-Gun Format: Rifle, Pistol
  • Divisions for OPEN, TACTICAL, IRONS
  • Elective/Optional Team Event
  • Scoring: Time plus penalties translated to Match Points Per Division



Posted By: Zak Smith on August 7, 2017

Thanks to all the shooters, volunteers, and sponsors who helped to make this event happen. Thanks also to Governor Mead, his staff, and the other state employees who believe in promoting shooting sports in Wyoming. Here are the results in the three divisions:
Please take a moment and thank our sponsors; the list is here: MGM SPONSORS




Posted By: Zak Smith on August 2, 2017

See everyone in two days.


Rorke Denver to speak at Shooter's Meeting

Posted By: Zak Smith on July 30, 2017

Former US Navy SEALs Commander Rorke Denver will be giving a Welcome speech at the Shooters Meeting, Thursday afternoon, at the 2017 Magpul Governor’s Match!

There are still a limited number of match slots available, sign up now!



Posted By: Zak Smith on July 24, 2017

With the match coming up in about 10 days, here are some notes about the Magpul Governor’s Match:

1. SQUADDING. Each small group to elect ONE CAPTAIN ONLY. That group captain will collect the names of people who want to be on the same group. Groups should be 6 or fewer people. That group captain ONLY will send ONE EMAIL to info@competition-dynamics.com Make sure the subject is “MGM SQUADDING”. We cannot ensure that all requests will end up on the same squad. We will ignore any names that are not currently signed up. Orphaned group requests (ie, those outside of a captained-group) may be ignored.

2. ROUND COUNTS. 200 rifle, 200 pistol should be more than enough to shoot the match. Bring extra if you tend to shoot extra, or if you will shoot extra in the side matches.

3. SIDE MATCHES. We will have a machinegun side match, a transition side match, a Wyoming 100 side match that will be live during regular match-stage hours. Some “may” be open on Thursday.

4. VENDOR DEMO SHOOTING. There will be some vendor demo shooting on Thursday.

5. “SIGHT IN”. We will gave a relatively short range (ie less than 100 yards) zero-check and function check range available on Thursday for competitors.

6. CHECK-IN / LATE REGISTRATION REMINDER. EVERY SHOOTER MUST BE PRE REGISTERED. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If you want to shoot this match, make sure you are signed up ASAP. To be signed up means you have a registration confirmation number and the registration is paid on time, and that your online registration shows the CONFIRMED status. If you have a registration in NONPAID or WITHDRAWN status, you are NOT signed up. If your registration is in “Slot Granted – Pending Payment – Delinquent” it means your slot is not guaranteed and you must rectify the payment status ASAP. If you are “Slot Granted – Pending Payment” status, please pay ASAP. If you are not pre-registered, do not plan to “walk-on.” You must be pre-registered per the above criteria to shoot this match.


8. WAIVERS. Everyone on the range will have to sign the CD waiver.

9. WALK THROUGHS. Most stages will be available for walk-throughs starting at 0800 Thursday. During the match times starting 0800 Friday, it is requested that all competitors STAY OFF stages unless your squad is scheduled to be on the stage at that time. Each squad will get an official briefing when it is to report to the stage and a very brief time period for final walk-throughs then (like a combined briefing and walk-through time of about 5 minutes).

10. FOOD VENDOR. We will have a food vendor on site for Breakfast and Lunch Thursday through Sunday. In addition, Monster Energy will be on site with refreshments.

11. REGISTRATION STILL OPEN. We still have a few slots left for this match. Please sign up ASAP.

12. LATE PAYMENTS. We will check the PO Box one final time on Friday July 28th. If your payment is not delivered by then, you must bring it in cash or check format to the match check-in. No competitor will be allowed to check in who is not paid.

Please review the official information on the match web site, MAGPUL GOVERNOR’S MATCH WEB SITE


Magpul Governor's Match Late Signup Information

Posted By: Zak Smith on July 1, 2017

The Magpul Governor’s Match is coming up in just under 5 weeks. Here is some important information about sign-up for this match.


If you want to shoot this match, make sure you are signed up ASAP. To be signed up means you have a registration confirmation number and the registration is paid on time, and that your online registration shows the CONFIRMED status.

If you have a registration in NONPAID or WITHDRAWN status, you are NOT signed up.

If your registration is in “Slot Granted – Pending Payment – Delinquent” it means your slot is not guaranteed and you must rectify the payment status ASAP.

If you are “Slot Granted – Pending Payment” status, please pay ASAP.

If you are not pre-registered, do not plan to “walk-on.”

You must be pre-registered per the above criteria to shoot this match.


FAQ #1 for the Magpul Governor's Match

Posted By: Zak Smith on June 30, 2017

1. Is there a Power Factor for pistols? No, there is no power factor requirement for pistols. 9mm/.38 Spl is the minimum caliber and loads should be normal factory power. For rifles, 5.45 & 5.56 are the minimum calibers.

2. Are the stages “combo” stages or are they pistol or rifle only? Plan on 2 single carbine stages, probably a single pistol and the rest combo stages with pistol/carbine, carbine/pistol mixed

3. Will the stages be posted in advance so that shooters can determine their equipment needs? CD does not post stages a head of time, very few matches do this

4. Will there be squadding since there is 3 days of shooting and shooters need to arrange work, travel and lodging plans? Yes there will be squadding. We will send out a squad request solicitation email about 2 weeks out from the event with instructions on how to submit squad requests.

5. Your website says targets to 400-600 yds. Will you post what KIND/SIZE of target that is? There will be a maximum of 1 or 2 stages with targets out beyond 400 yards. These will be reasonably large, e.g. 2-3 MOA or larger. We use AA Targets systems.

6. What kind of targets will be used for rifle? AR 500 reactive steel at safe ranges and paper, on steel spotter will call hits

7. What is the prize table policy? Shooters will walk the prize table in order of finish in their class they chose to shoot in, there will be special awards for LE, MIL, Female and Junior. As of 6/29, the total MSRP value of goods on the prize table was at least $80,000

8. $295 seems kind of steep for a match fee. Major level matches with a prize table valued at roughly $1000 per person average, are about $100 per person per match-day. The MGM is actually a little cheaper per person per day than our other matches.

9. What are the side matches and for what weapons? The Wyoming 100 will be set up for shooters to see where they stand at against everyone else, Machine gun tours will be there with a MG side Match of some sort with a cash prize payback, and there will be some standards-style size stages.

10. Will there be concessions/food on site? Yes, this is being arranged by the Governor’s Office

11. In regards to teams, what are the rules? Teams will (must) be in the same class, shooters can jump from Tactical class to open class and vice versa, but will qualify for the rifle portion easy enough, there must be 5 or more in the same class for the team shoot, if not everyone will be lumped together and scored heads up.

We will post additional FAQ’s as more questions come in.


Magpul Governor's Match Coming Up!

Posted By: Jimmy Holdsworth on May 25, 2017

A little more than two months from now, Competition Dynamics will be administering one of the biggest action shooting events in the state of Wyoming to date.

The Magpul Governor’s Match, will take place August 3rd-6th 2017 at the Otto Road Range, 10 minutes from Cheyenne, Wyoming. This event will be a 2-gun format: pistol and carbine (ie, semi-automatic rifle). The stages will be scenario based “run and gun” type shooting.

Governor Mead will be present and onsite for this event. With many other local agencies involved, it promises to be “the event of the summer” with all the stops pulled out. With this event the state is promoting shooting sports within the Wyoming, and is making a huge push to get shooters, as well as shooting industry types more involved within the state.

Notable generous local Gold sponsors for this event include, Magpul, Thunder Beast Arms, Gunwerks, and Hi Viz Sight Systems. These sponsors are thriving in Wyoming and are supporting the event in massive way. Plus there are many other sponsors involved in supporting and sponsoring the event along the Colorado front range as well.

Prize donations are in upwards of $100,000, plus there is a special prize donated by the state that is worth around $20,000, a fully inclusive Elk hunt. This special prize, a “commissioner tag”, and if chosen must be donated to the winners charity of choice, examples would be Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, NRA and so on.

There are still limited slots available, and you can sign up at http://competition-dynamics.com/

Match information, as well as the complete rule set can be found at www.competition-dynamics.com.

We hope see everyone here for this historic event. And keep an eye out as the time gets closer for updates.

Carbine targets will be mostly within 80 yards, with a few targets out to 400-600 yards.

Round count will not exceed 200 rifle / 200 pistol.



The Historic Plains Hotel (307) 638-3311
Little America (307) 775-8400
The  Radisson (307)  638-4466
TownePlace  Suites (307) 634-0400
Fairfield Inn and Suites (307) 634-0401
Mention you’re shooting the Magpul Governor’s Match for the discount.


Magpul Governor's Match FAQ - Scoring and Hits

Posted By: Zak Smith on March 28, 2017

Since the MGM has a bunch of new-to-action-shooting competitors, we’re going to flesh out some commonly asked questions and answers.

How does scoring work?

Each stage will be scored “time plus penalties”. Time plus penalties means you take your raw time, add the seconds prescribed by the briefing packet per penalty type for each penalty incurred to get your net stage time. The fastest net time per division gets 100 stage points, everyone else gets a fraction of that based on his time divided into their time.

What are penalties?

Penalties include: failure to neutralize (FTN), un-hit, no-shoot, and procedural. FTN’s are +5 seconds, the rest are all +20 seconds, each occurance.

What hits are required on a paper target to neutralize?

Unless otherwise briefed, paper targets will require 1 A zone, 2 C zone or better, or 4 D zone to neutralize.

What is the penalty for Failure to Engage (FTE) ?

There is no separate FTE penalty. An FTE’d target would fall under UNHIT.


1531 Otto Road ~ Cheyenne, WY 82001


0715 Report to assigned stages and begin shooting.

0715 Report to assigned stages and begin shooting.

0715 Report to assigned stages and begin shooting.
1500-1800 Results, Awards, and Prize table


This match will have three divisions that will be scored completely separately:


OPEN pistol, OPEN rifle.


LIMITED pistol, OPEN rifle.


LIMITED pistol, LIMITED rifle.


OPEN rifles may have any number of optics and any muzzle device.
OPEN pistols may have optics and ports/compensators.
LIMITED pistols follow the USPSA definition (ie, no optics, no comp/ports).
LIMITED rifles may not have any optics - iron sights only.
PISTOLS must be 9x19 minimum.
RIFLES must be 5.45mm / .223 / 5.56 minimum.


This section is the 2017 Competition Dynamics Unified Safety Rules for Shooting

  1. USPSA safety rules are the baseline for safety at this match.
  2. Violation of any safety rule will result in match disqualification (DQ).
  3. The Match Director has the right to disqualify any competitor for Unsportsmanlike Conduct based on his judgement.
  4. Competitors shall practice good muzzle control and firearm safety at all times. Competitors that do not handle their weapons safely will be disqualified from competing further in the match with no refund of match fees.
    1. Do not ever allow the muzzle of your weapons to point at anyone.
    2. Do not load your weapons until directed to do so by a range officer.
    3. Do not put your finger on the trigger until your sights are aligned with your target.
    4. Obey all Range Officer commands immediately.
  5. In addition to the USPSA definition of an Accidental Discharge, the stage RO may call an A.D. using his own judgement, e.g.: if the competitor was clearly not engaging a target. Any round that does not impact within 10 yards of the target the competitor is engaging, or impacts in an unsafe area or direction, is declared to be an AD.
  6. The entire competition area is a "cold range."
    1. No firearms may be loaded at the match site except under the direct command of a RO.
    2. Long-guns shall be kept unloaded in cases or on a designated rack, and carried muzzle up or muzzle down and the action open.
    3. "Sweeping" any person with a weapon's muzzle will result in immediate D.Q.
  7. All firearms must have a functioning safety, subject to verification by an RO at any time. (A pistol that has not had any factory safety devices disabled will be considered to have a safety for the purpose of this rule.)
  8. Any firearm or ammunition deemed by any RO or match staff to be "unsafe" for any reason may not be used in the match until a determination is made by the match director that it may continue.
  9. All firearms must be able to be completely unloaded without firing a round.
  10. Any firearm that can be demonstrated by any RO or match staff to have a hammer/striker that will fall without the trigger being pressed shall be deemed unsafe and may not be used in the match until repaired.
  11. Any rifle slung must have an empty chamber, unless directed by the stage RO.
  12. No person shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs at the match site. Any person found to be impaired and unsafe as a result of legitimate prescription drugs may be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range.
  13. Safety glasses and ear protection are required to be worn/used at all times by competitors and spectators when in the vicinity of any weapons being fired.
  14. No person shall place a rifle in such a position that it points at any other person. Find a safe direction if you need to set your rifle down! If you find out there are people passing or downrange, wait until they are clear and then relocate your rifle.
  15. This match may include dynamic shooting in natural terrain. Match staff will communicate what are safe directions to point firearms while shooting, or while waiting. This will typically be presented during a stage or match briefing. The competitor shall note and obey the safe muzzle direction guidelines.
  16. Ammunition must not cause unusual target damage or cause a fire or other safety risk.
    1. No steel jacket or core projectiles
    2. No armor piercing, incendiary, or tracer bullets
    3. Ammunition that must be "fired" to be unloaded once chambered is declared to be unsafe and may not be used in this match.