Magpul Governor's Match FAQ - Scoring and Hits

Posted By: Zak Smith on March 28, 2017

Since the MGM has a bunch of new-to-action-shooting competitors, we’re going to flesh out some commonly asked questions and answers.

How does scoring work?

Each stage will be scored “time plus penalties”. Time plus penalties means you take your raw time, add the seconds prescribed by the briefing packet per penalty type for each penalty incurred to get your net stage time. The fastest net time per division gets 100 stage points, everyone else gets a fraction of that based on his time divided into their time.

What are penalties?

Penalties include: failure to neutralize (FTN), un-hit, no-shoot, and procedural. FTN’s are +5 seconds, the rest are all +20 seconds, each occurance.

What hits are required on a paper target to neutralize?

Unless otherwise briefed, paper targets will require 1 A zone, 2 C zone or better, or 4 D zone to neutralize.

What is the penalty for Failure to Engage (FTE) ?

There is no separate FTE penalty. An FTE’d target would fall under UNHIT.