FAQ #1 for the Magpul Governor's Match

Posted By: Zak Smith on June 30, 2017

1. Is there a Power Factor for pistols? No, there is no power factor requirement for pistols. 9mm/.38 Spl is the minimum caliber and loads should be normal factory power. For rifles, 5.45 & 5.56 are the minimum calibers.

2. Are the stages “combo” stages or are they pistol or rifle only? Plan on 2 single carbine stages, probably a single pistol and the rest combo stages with pistol/carbine, carbine/pistol mixed

3. Will the stages be posted in advance so that shooters can determine their equipment needs? CD does not post stages a head of time, very few matches do this

4. Will there be squadding since there is 3 days of shooting and shooters need to arrange work, travel and lodging plans? Yes there will be squadding. We will send out a squad request solicitation email about 2 weeks out from the event with instructions on how to submit squad requests.

5. Your website says targets to 400-600 yds. Will you post what KIND/SIZE of target that is? There will be a maximum of 1 or 2 stages with targets out beyond 400 yards. These will be reasonably large, e.g. 2-3 MOA or larger. We use AA Targets systems.

6. What kind of targets will be used for rifle? AR 500 reactive steel at safe ranges and paper, on steel spotter will call hits

7. What is the prize table policy? Shooters will walk the prize table in order of finish in their class they chose to shoot in, there will be special awards for LE, MIL, Female and Junior. As of 6/29, the total MSRP value of goods on the prize table was at least $80,000

8. $295 seems kind of steep for a match fee. Major level matches with a prize table valued at roughly $1000 per person average, are about $100 per person per match-day. The MGM is actually a little cheaper per person per day than our other matches.

9. What are the side matches and for what weapons? The Wyoming 100 will be set up for shooters to see where they stand at against everyone else, Machine gun tours will be there with a MG side Match of some sort with a cash prize payback, and there will be some standards-style size stages.

10. Will there be concessions/food on site? Yes, this is being arranged by the Governor’s Office

11. In regards to teams, what are the rules? Teams will (must) be in the same class, shooters can jump from Tactical class to open class and vice versa, but will qualify for the rifle portion easy enough, there must be 5 or more in the same class for the team shoot, if not everyone will be lumped together and scored heads up.

We will post additional FAQ’s as more questions come in.