2015 Thunder Beast Team Challenge   Aug 7-9 at Douglas, WY

This match is an extreme test of practical field shooting of rifles, carbines, and pistols, and supporting activities. Two-man teams will be required to navigate rugged desert / mountainous terrain, recognize, locate, range, and engage challenging rifle targets from compromised shooting positions, communicate with their partner and the range officer (RO), and do it under time constraints.
Teams will also be tested on their ability to solve problems, work together, and perform other related tasks.
OFFICIAL Targetry Systems - AA Targets

RATINGS What do these ratings mean?
   Physical Difficulty: 7 (Hard)
   Marksmanship Complexity: 9 (Very Hard)

  • 3-day match
  • 2-man teams
  • nominal stage count: 3 field hike (long), 4 assault/other, 2 night.
  • the 3 field hike (long) stages will involve significant movement on foot while engaging rifle, carbine, and/or pistol targets.
  • the approx 4 assault/other stages will involve the rifle, carbine, and pistols and will be of shorter duration but will be scored significantly based on time spent plus penalties
  • the night stages will be involve problem solving using one or more of the weapons at night. all lighting will be provided by the stage
  • be prepared to engage targets with all weapons systems to their effective range
  • Rugged desert / mountainous terrain with natural hazards
  • Locate, range, and engage targets under strict time constraints
  • Significant movement while on the clock
  • Local altitude of 5200'
  • Competitors will carry all gear used during the courses of fire
  • Unknown, various, and non-standard target sizes
  • Almost all targetry will be reactive armor steel plate
  • Round count (minimums): Long-range rifle: approx 110, primary carbine 220, secondary carbine (rifle shooter), 120. Pistol, about 50 each minimum. These account for average number of rounds required by an average good team to engage all targets. If you may need to shoot extra to make up for misses, bring more ammo.
  • T-shirts will be available for a reasonable price prior to the event



See rules for full equipment specifications.


"Hoser" Freeman - This has got to be one of the funnest and toughest matches I have ever shot. Mike and I finished each field course completely drenched in sweat and heart pounding. Trying to find that wall of how hard to push movement and still being able to settle in to shoot was a great challenge. The night stages were deceptively tough and the assault stages were brutal and fun. The prize table was awesome. Hard to imagine it was all set up well into well after most all companies had done their budgets for the year. Huge thanks to all the companies that supported this match and us shooters. The scoring was perfect. No issues, no drama. I cant wait for next year. Bring it.

Mike Kolar (SRM Match Director) - "I'm really excited about this match -- I want to shoot it again right now!"

FCB on SnipersHide.com - "This was by far the best match I've ever been to and the best test of a rifleman that I've seen."

Quickdraw40 on SnipersHide.com (Team Pro Plate) - "We are lucky in Colorado (Wyoming/Northern New Mexico area) to have venues such as the Blue Steel Ranch. We are also lucky we have persons (Thunderbeast/Competition Dynamics team) who are willing to take the time to organize and run such matches. No square range shooting here folks and you better be in shape. If you have shot Steel Safari, this was like Steel Safari on crack with super cool side matches thrown in for fun. Organized well, no drama, super quick scoring, and an amazing prize table. Thank you to Zak, Ray, Dave, Loraine, Jeff, and all of the ROs. It was a great time!"