2014 Sniper Adventure Challenge   Sept 5-7 at Douglas, WY

The Sniper Adventure Challenge is a Tactical Adventure Race involving: land navigation; practical shooting with long-range rifle, carbine, and pistols; fieldcraft; problem solving; and other related tasks. Two-man teams will be required to navigate at least 25 miles on foot to complete the course. ("SPRINT" division will be at least 10 miles.) Along the way, there will be a series of tasks to accomplish to gain additional points. These tasks may include: shooting problems with long-range rifle, carbine, and pistols; problem-solving; physical challenges; fieldcraft; communication; target recognition; memory; and other tasks. OFFICIAL Targetry Systems - AA Targets

RATINGS What do these ratings mean?
   Physical Difficulty: 10 (Extreme)
   Marksmanship Complexity: 5 (Moderate)

The objective for a team is to acquire the most points while limiting the number of point penalties incurred. The team with the most points will win. Teams must carry all the gear they use to complete land navigation and all tasks, though it may be abandoned at any time. Teams must carry one long-range rifle, one carbine, and two pistols for the entire course. Refer to the Required Gear List for items required for all teams/competitors. All other gear is left to the discretion of the team based on the task briefing. This information will be posted to this web site far in advance of the match date.

There will be some changes to the structure of the event but the spirit of the overall challenge will stay the same. A primary goal of these changes is to ensure that a majority of the teams get a chance to try all of the challenges/stages, but not decrease the "scale up" performance that the top team demonstrated in 2013. There will be at least two divisions like last year.
Besides the ENDURANCE division, we will again have the SPRINT division. The SPRINT division will have roughly 40% the length of the ENDURANCE course.

  • Match duration: roughly 24-40 hours
  • Baseline land navigation of roughly 25 miles
  • Bonus land-navigation points available
  • Rough high desert terrain
  • GPS prohibited for land nav - Required to bring as emergency equipment
  • No support crew will be permitted.
  • Field shooting challenges include long-range shooting, precision shooting, assault stages, target identification and shoot/no-shoot decisions, and related problems
  • Approximate maximum target distances: rifle 1500 yards; carbine 500; pistol 100
  • Unknown, various, and non-standard target sizes
  • Max long-range rifle caliber .338 LM, minimum 6mm
  • Max carbine caliber, .300WSM; max barrel length 20 inches (not including suppressor), minimum caliber .223
  • Challenges may include lock picking, escape and evasion, radio communications, basic codebreaking, problem solving, physical field tasks, basic climbing, signalling, surveillance, etc
  • Night vision optics not required and not permitted
  • Almost all targetry will be reactive armor steel plate
  • Round count (minimums): Long-range rifle: approx 50; carbine: approx 100; pistol: approx 100.
  • Cost: $695 per team.
  • All teams will be required to bring a SPOT tracker that is registered with the match so we can track all teams in real time. SPOT II/Gen2 or SPOT III/Gen3 recommended. Other models may not work well or be compatible with our tracking system. A SPOT that requires another device (such as a phone for bluetooth) is NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Refundable deposit of approx $130 required for issued radio gear. Cash or check at match check-in, full refund upon return of radio.
  • T-shirts will be available for a reasonable price prior to the event