Team Safari News!

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 29, 2015

The TEAM SAFARI is coming up in about three weeks. The match is filling nicely with 38 teams currently registered. Even better news is that we still have about a dozen team slots left, so if you’re not already coming, find a partner and get registered online ASAP!

The format of the TEAM SAFARI combines aspects of several of our other matches that shooters have loved. The morning stages will be of the “hike and shoot” type, just like the Steel Safari. The only difference is that you get to shoot with a partner! Just like the Steel Safari, movement on the course is “off the clock”, but you’ll get a fixed time limit to locate-range-engage both your targets once you get to a stage.

Next, we have the afternoon “assault/mid-range” stages. These will be run like 3-Gun stages and scored by time and hits. We’ve upped the number of these from two (as published) to a minimum of four!

Finally, we have added a night stage. For the night stage, all you have to do is bring your normal gear. No additional lighting will be permitted and active night vision is not allowed.

Another change is that the “CARBINE” MAY USE A BIPOD.

There will be pick-up guns provided by both US Optics and Alexander Arms. Yes, you’ll get to shoot the “Ulfberht” .338 Lapua Magnum semi-auto.

In addition, Contingency X will covering the event with video, including drone footage.

If this sounds awesome, get registered now!

We will be sending out another email approximately one week before the event with any last-minute match notes or schedule updates.