Posted By: Zak Smith on October 18, 2015

Here are some last minute updates for Team Safari competitors:

1. Check-in and the zero-check range will be open from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM Thursday. During this time (and this time only), you may check zero. You can set your own paper out at approx 100 yards (we will not have target stands – bring them if you need your own). There may be a few steel targets available to shoot with rifle. Please do not show up early. Some sponsor demo rifles will be available during this time.

2. For directions, please refer to this map, Map to BSR. Please park in the new parking lot – NOT ON THE ROAD.

3. The sight-in/zero-check range will be at the front range. You will pass this on the way to the parking lot. YOU MUST CHECK IN BEFORE SHOOTING AT THE SIGHT-IN RANGE.

4. You must be checked in by 5:00 PM Thursday. The shooters meeting will start immediately at 5:00 PM at the front range. It is mandatory. It shouldn’t take longer than about a half hour, not counting questions.

5. There will be a tech inspection during check-in. This will include a check of mechanical safeties and a drop test of approx one foot (vertical rifle onto butt pad), and basic safeties check for pistols.

6. Just to recap, the TS will have 3 FIELD STAGES (hike-and-shoot for rifle and carbine). There will be 4 ASSAULT stages (timed, up to all 4 guns); and 1 NIGHT STAGE (we provide all illumination).

7. The “minimum” round count for RIFLE is approx 180. Carbine 200; however, that is assuming you hit everything first round with carbine, which is pretty unlikely. Multiply that accordingly. Minimum for pistol will be about 40 per each but add the same multiplier for misses.

8. You will receive a briefing packet at check-in that contains full information about scoring, schedule, etc.

9. Most of the match staff will be traveling to Logan on Monday. Communications once we get to Logan is very spotty. We will get back to you in the evenings if possible.

10. Over the course of a day, you will need to walk several miles. You will have to walk up to about three quarters mile to get to the start of each field course. Each field course is approx 0.75 – 1.5 miles in length. Then you will have to walk from the end of the field course back to your vehicle.

11. Reminder- carbines MAY HAVE bipods and brakes larger than 1×3″ are now permitted. Still one optic per carbine only. No optics or comps on pistols.

If you have any questions, please get them to me ASAP, as my communications will be severely limited starting Tuesday afternoon.