Posted By: Zak Smith on May 27, 2018

We have a very limited number of shooter slots available for the Steel Safari, which starts next week. If you want to take one of these slots, please sign up on the web site ASAP and then bring cash or a check to match check-in. STEEL SAFARI LINK

The round count for the match will not exceed 170 rounds; it will nominally be 156. (These are the minimum for prescribed rounds; if we have any unlimited round stages those would be open ended for round count.)

Here is a map to the location of the Steel Safari, MAP TO STEEL SAFARI

Please note that MANDATORY check-in is from 1300-1700 THURSDAY. The front range will be open at this time for zero-check / sight-in, and possibly some sponsor demos. The Shooters’ Meeting will commence right at 1700.

Staff will be on-site (or traveling) starting Monday morning, with limited communications. The best way to get a hold of us is to send an email or send a voicemail; we will get back to you in the evening when we are back out of the field.