Spectators at the SAC

Posted By: Zak Smith on August 22, 2014

We’ve had a few questions come in about whether spectators are welcome at the SAC. Due to the dynamic of the competition and the distances over which the challenges are spread, the event is not exactly “open to the public” for spectators.

We welcome spectators who are associated with a team and people who have a particular interest in the event. If you fall into one of these categories and want to watch parts of the competition, please check-in at 646 Wagon Hound Rd with Race Control to sign a waiver and get information on “where” and “when” you can watch some of the challenges. The best time to do this is prior to the event start time (TBD) on Friday AM.

No aid will be permitted to be given to any team by spectators. Receiving such aid would be a DQ on the grounds of sportsmanship.