Seeking Range Officers for 2016 SNIPER ADVENTURE CHALLENGE

Posted By: Zak Smith on February 14, 2016

Want to be part of a Competition Dynamics event? We are currently seeking Range Officers for some of our 2016 events. Here’s an overview of our Range Officer (RO) Program. Besides being part of a world-class event and seeing some of the best shooters shoot the events, you can earn a free competitor slot for any of our matches — even if the regular slots are booked. For 2016, we will have an extra incentive for RO’s: access to fantastic “Pro Pricing” from Burris: a big discount on most Burris Optics.

Here are the events we still have RO slots available for this year:


The SAC is a “Tactical Adventure Race” that involves a lot of land navigation on foot (no GPS allowed) during day and night, practical shooting problems, fieldcraft, problem solving, physical and mental challenges, and other related tasks. The dates are Sept 2-4th. Range Officers at the SAC will either run shooting stages or be a “judge” at a mental/physical/field challenge stage, as well as “Race Support” functions like helping with competitor aid and recovery of stuck teams. This event is extremely physical. Being an RO is an opportunity to be a part of the event even if competing in it is beyond one’s ability. If you have medical expertise we have a medical team to put you on.

TEAM SAFARI: Oct 21-23, Logan, NM

The Team Safari can be thought of as a Steel Safari for teams. We need a small number of additional RO’s to run a couple assault-style stages.

For more information about any of these matches, please refer to the main Competition Dynamics web page

Please contact me at if you’d like to volunteer!