Seeking a few RO's for the Burris Optics Team Challenge

Posted By: Zak Smith on June 9, 2022

The next Competition Dynamics match is the Burris Optics Team Challenge, June 23-26 at Douglas WY.

The BOTC is a very dynamic event, with hour-long stages that include around a mile of movement for rifle and carbine, assault stages for carbines, pistols, and rifles.

We are still looking for a few additional experienced RO’s for the BOTC. We’d need RO’s there by Thursday morning (Wed mid day better) for stage orientation and briefing. RO’s can camp on site at the same location as the core match staff.

Besides being part of a great event and seeing some of the best long-range field shooters, you can earn a free competitor slot for any of our matches — even if the regular slots are booked. Here’s an overview of our Range Officer (RO) Program.

Please contact me by email if you’re interested.