RESURGENCE Registration Announcement

Posted By: Zak Smith on January 13, 2016

“Nine months from now you will be in the Southwest. You will be short on breath, covered in dirt, reaching for magazines that aren’t there, and wondering what you’ve gotten yourself in to. You will finish the stage and wonder how other shooters did, and then think: “I am at RESURGENCE!”

You’ve heard the rumors about the old SOF matches – the pinnacle of 3-Gun before it was cool, where camo was still welcome, and it didn’t feel like you were at a NASCAR race. Where the FAL was competitive next to the AUG and the Galil, and stone cold shooting skill, not magazine capacity or shotshell loading speed races ruled the day.

RESURGENCE will be a straight-up hard shooting match where the man with the best marksmanship, weapons handling, and ability to think on his feet will rule the day.


Come to the JP Enterprises Booth (6113) to register early

Here you will be able to submit your email address on our iPad to obtain a registration code, which you can complete immediately on your phone, tablet, and/or laptop. Your registration is not complete until you’ve filled out all your info and submitted it.

For questions at the SHOT Show, please find Jimmy Holdsworth, Zak Smith, or Eric Miller. The TBAC (8407) and JP (6113) booths are good places to find us.

Open online registration will start on the Friday of SHOT Show (Jan 22nd) at 0800 MST and will be roughly first come first served, subject to availability of match slots and uncontrollable email delivery delays. then follow the REGISTER link.