Posted By: Zak Smith on February 24, 2017

The 2017 SNIPER ADVENTURE CHALLENGE will be held on private ranch lands totaling over 850 square miles, north of Medicine Bow and south of Casper, about 80 miles south-west of the ’16 site.

We are very excited for the opportunity to move the SAC to new venue! Although we loved running the SAC at our Douglas shooting site, we’ve “used it up” with regard to land nav problems. Dealing with the unknown is a key part of the concept of the SNIPER ADVENTURE CHALLENGE. This new site will give us practically limitless options for land-nav and also offers new sets of geographic features and microterrain to deal with. Up until this point, the largest SAC site was the Felix Canyon Ranch (2013). This new site encompasses almost four times more area.

A very limited amount of lodging will be available on-site through the Q-Creek lodge. Public camping is available on BLM nearby. Hotel lodging is available in Casper and Medicine Bow.

Additional details are posted on the SAC web site, 2017 SAC. Registration is open now.