Match Slots Update

Posted By: Zak Smith on March 25, 2015

This year, like last, Competition Dynamics is running four major matches: Steel Safari; Thunder Beast Team Challenge; Sniper Adventure Challenge; and Team Safari.

Right now the Steel Safari is full with a waiting list of about a dozen. We have slots reserved for 1 or 2 remaining Gold-level sponsors.

If you really wanted to shoot the Steel Safari but didn’t sign up early enough, please direct your attention to the Team Safari, which will be held at the same venue (Logan NM) but in late October. TEAM SAFARI WEB SITE. The Team Safari can be thought of as a Steel Safari match but for teams comprising a rifle shooter and a carbine (semi-auto) shooter. It is a hike-and-shoot format with very similar challenges and timing, but just for teams We will also have a couple stages for pistol/multigun at the Team Safari. We have plenty of slots left for the T.S.

We also have the THUNDER BEAST TEAM CHALLENGE and slots are still available. It will be held in Douglas WY on August 7-9th. This is the same venue as the Sniper Adventure Challenge, a couple of private ranches combining to about 17,000 acres. The TBTC is an extravaganza of multi-gun challenges, for pistols, carbines, and long-range rifle.

The SNIPER ADVENTURE CHALLENGE is our premier tactical adventure race, including land navigation, fieldcraft, problem solving, cryptography, etc. Slots are still available!

In addition, we still have RO slots left available for the SAC and TBTC. Volunteering to be an RO gets you a free entry into another of our matches, even if we are otherwise sold out.