July Burris DRM News! (Including July Off-Road Bike "Tactical" Biathlon)

Posted By: Zak Smith on July 7, 2016

The first Burris Douglas Douglas Rifle Match was a success. Even with 50 competitors, we finished on time overall everyone kept moving pretty good. We had a lot of new shooters, or new shooters to this format, and CD staff was very pleased how quickly everyone picked up on the “flow” of the match. Now that the majority of the competitors have a BDRM under their belt, the July and August matches will go smoother.

We have a few suggestions to keep the DRM moving smoothly, and these are to be considered rules for the remaining BDRM matches in 2016:

1. No PDA’s, phones, iPads, etc, “on the line” for your dope. Your dope should be written down on something else. The reason for this is simply to reduce the “fiddling around with devices” time. CD staff strongly recommends having something like a laminated notecard that is tied to your scope or affixed to your rifle in another way.

2. Spotting scopes are banned. For spotting, bring a set of binoculars with magnification not exceeding about 10x. Hand-held binoculars are the best way to “dynamically” spot a shooter who is engaging a field of targets. The reason for this is simply to reduce the time it takes the squad to get “set up” on a stage.

3. Do not bring shooting mats, pads, etc, along on the course.

4. Once you are done shooting, “unload and show clear” your rifle, have the RO check it, and then get off the line so the next shooter can go.

5. Remember, there is no “checking out” the shooting positions (ie, no “walkthroughs”)

6. As a field match, there is a physical aspect to this match. Make sure you are able to walk several miles throughout the day, and be sure to drink enough water. The “ferry service” from station 10 will not be a regular occurrence– it may only be available when we have a very large number of shooters.

Congratulations to the 4 competitors who did the SAC-Lite challenge. In June we did a “hike and shoot” challenge that involved approx 700 meters of hiking up a steep hill interspersed with a shooting challenge.

For July, the SAC-Lite challenge will be a Bike Biathlon. We are pleased that bike-industry professional Ned Kajko will be assisting with the route and trail setup. Thanks Ned! There will be an off-road bike loop that will be alternated hare-scramble style with a shooting challenge, with some penalty for misses (last time it was burpees). A mountain bike will be the intended type of bike, however, it will be possible on cyclocross or fat bikes as well. During the bike portion, competitors must wear a bike-appropriate helmet. During the shooting parts, eye and earpro are required. Please give me a heads-up by email if you are planning to participate in the July Bike Biathlon.

The July Sac-Lite will be briefed at approx 3:30PM