Posted By: Zak Smith on March 28, 2020



Here is the impact of the COVID19 situation to the 2020 Competition Dynamics season (all four matches):

1. No matches are cancelled or rescheduled “YET.” We will not run a match if the COVID19 situation has not substantially resolved and the “stay at home” orders that are present in many states (including our home state) have been lifted.

2. We will make a final determination for each match NO LATER THAN one month before the match would occur.

3. If a match cannot take place at its normally-scheduled dates, we will attempt to reschedule later in the year, depending on the public health outlook and all other schedule considerations. IE, we will try to reschedule a match if we think it can work.

4. Processing of all registrations is suspended (effective 3-4 weeks ago). That means we will not approve/accept registrations, accept checks, deposit checks already sent, etc until some resolution is in place.

5. We will hold or destroy, at your request, all checks that have been sent/received and NOT YET DEPOSITED. Of those that we logged in but had not yet deposited, I have downgraded your online registration to “SLOT GRANTED”.

6. Of those who sent checks that were deposited and are marked as “CONFIRMED/PAID”, you have several options:

a) wait to see what happens; OR
b) have us write you a check, now or if/when we have to cancel; OR
c) in the case that a match is ultimately cancelled, we can roll your registration into any future CD event (eg, 2021 season)

We are happy to do any of those, or make other reasonable arrangements.

I would ask that you consider option (c) because it would help us cover fixed, sunk losses for 2020, such as insurance, that we can absorb through 2021. If this is the case, we will leave your “CONFIRMED/PAID” registration in place in the 2020 match database and use that as a key to future credit.

Please do not send a request for a refund check UNLESS you can confirm you’re still marked as “CONFIRMED/PAID” — AND — your bank shows the check has cleared. I have been holding checks for the last about 3-4 weeks as the situation has gotten hotter.

Please send refund requests with your name, match name (SS, BOTC, SAC, TS), and registration number.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact us.
– Zak & Jimmy