Posted By: Zak Smith on April 25, 2022

Teams will be able to bring either (1) a large military-style duffel bag, OR (2) a cooler, for food or additional gear, ammunition, etc that match staff will throw in a truck and transport to the camp location for you.

Your primary match and camping gear must be packed in by you and may NOT be in this duffel/cooler. This includes firearms, enough ammo to shoot one stage, and tent.

The (1) duffel OR (2) cooler may not be so heavy that your weaker team member cannot carry it by himself about 50 feet. If you choose the (2) cooler, it may not be larger than a 40-quart/liter class cooler, and it may not be powered by batteries etc.

You may pack in whatever else you want, in whatever bags or packs that you want, as long as you carry it from the match HQ/check-in area up to the camp location.

It is almost a certainty that there will be a fire ban on open fires. I expect that this will not include enclosed stoves such as Jetboils and Coleman stoves. However, if a fire ban includes those we will let you know as soon as we do.

There is the option of getting a food vendor that comes close to the camp setup area on one or more days (probably a dinner meal). If there is enough demand for this we can probably make it happen.