Posted By: Zak Smith on August 21, 2019

Please note the following items are STRONGLY SUGGESTED: climbing harness, climbing/bump helmet, a few locking carabiners, misc “personal climbing gear items.” They are on the gear list as “mandatory”; however, they are only “STRONGLY SUGGESTED” that you bring them if you want to attempt the matching challenge(s) and you want to avoid delays involved in waiting for “shared” equipment. We will have a very limited number of “loaner” harnesses and helmets. You will not be required to carry these on your person: We will have you put them in a truck that will run them to the relevant challenge area(s); and a bag for your team’s climbing gear is recommended. Each team member should know how to safely operate a tube/ATC style belay device in all its modes. Munter hitch (HMS, Italian Hitch) belays and Figure-8 devices will not be allowed. Gri-Gri, Cinch/Vergo, or similar devices are not allowed. Just bring an ATC.


We will have a lot more shooting at the 2019 SAC, especially on day 1. As such, the following “MINIMUM” round counts are recommended: precision rifle 80; carbine 120; pistol (each) 80. You are free to bring more ammunition as re-engagement on some targets will be permitted.