Posted By: Zak Smith on August 14, 2018

Technical Rock Climbing Back in 2018. You may bring your own gear. Teams to self belay (mostly). Bounding Box.

Race staff scouted the new race area today and here are some updates.

Technical rock climbing will return at the 2018 SAC. Teams may, and are encouraged to, bring their own harnesses, helmets, belay device, shoes, etc. It’s up to you. We have about a dozen loaner harnesses and some helmets and belay devices, but, like last year you might have to wait for a loaner. A team that has their own gear and is ready to go might be able to jump on a route earlier.

Like last year, you will have the opportunity to “stash” your climbing gear after your last climbing challenge, if you want to.


Each team member should know, at least, how to safely belay a climbing using a top rope (TR) setup and an ATC-style belay device. Do your own research on TR safety checks and belay technique. Know how to safely lower. We recommend reviewing the modern P-L-U-S technique. We will have climbing safety officers and some available staff belayers; however, just like equipment, if you can do it yourself, you will probably get through the challenge quicker.

ATC-style devices (including tube-style or belay plates) are preferred for simplicity of safety verification. For approval of others, please send me an email. Munter hitch (HMS, Italian Hitch) belays and Figure-8 devices will not be allowed.


The race bounding box will be approximately 13T 0374000 4675000 down to 0397000 4662000 (approx 124 square miles)