Posted By: Zak Smith on September 6, 2016

Congratulations to all competitors who attempted the 2016 Darrin Fink Memorial Sniper Adventure Challenge. Just showing up to the SAC shows an exceptional level of commitment. Finishing the SAC is a significant accomplishment and demonstrates a level of skill, wits, and fitness that very few people on the planet strive to, let alone achieve.



Our goal is to create and run the best events. Please email us with feedback on how you think we can make our future events better.


Thanks to the landowners, Travis, Dana, the State of Wyoming, and Lyndon Fink (and Darrin, in spirit). They own this awesome venue and are kind enough to let us run events here.

Thanks to the main staff, Jimmy, Casey. These guys take on responsibility for major parts of match setup and operations.

Thanks to the RO’s: Stan, Sutherland, Zach, Brett, Scot, Rocky, Nick, Murph, Jason, Mario, Ned, Vernon, Keith, Darin T., Ed, Cheryl, Ron, Bill, Chris, Nico, and the crew from Focuss Group Special thanks to Scot for bringing a big crew and doing a fantastic job on Comms.

Thanks to the medical staff: Dr. Bruce, Kyle, Dr. Keith, Chris, and Nick. The SAC could not happen without having you on-hand ready to handle medical issues. You do a great job.

Thanks to our sponsors- TBAC, AA Target, Alexander Arms, Burris, Con-X, Focuss, Hill People Gear, La Sportiva, Machinegun Tours, US Optics, Badger Ordnance, XS Sights, Hornady, 303 Arms, AttackPak, Bison Tactical, Lapua, Sierra, Tactical Medical Solutions, The Tactical Medic, VTAC, ZEV. We will follow up with some SPOT analysis data within the next week.

Thanks to Austin Angus (AA Targets) for building us Darrin’s memorial plaque. Thanks to Travis Wills for hosting the BBQ.

The SAC Staff