Posted By: Zak Smith on August 30, 2015

Here are some last-minute notes for SAC competitors:

1. You need to have tested your water purification devices and processes before you show up. A significant portion of “available water” on this course will be from natural sources. Think “expedition style” as opposed to water tanks everywhere. There is a lot of natural water on the course and you will need to be able to use it.

2. There is no place to check zero or sight in once on site. Show up ready to shoot for score.

3. Check-in will be available 4-7pm THURSDAY and 7:30 – 8:00 AM FRIDAY. Check-in is required prior to 8:00 AM FRIDAY if you want to race. All competitors and guests on-site must sign waivers and get a wrist band.

4. At check-in, you will get a race packet that outlines the procedures

5. Muster at 8:00 AM Friday, ready to race. (All firearms to be “cold.”)

6. The parking location will be at 646 Wagon Hound Rd, Douglas Wy. Park on the south side of Wagon Hound Rd right across from the Wills Ranch sign (it says “Travis & Brayden”), on the E and W side of the driveway. Once the event begins you will not be permitted access to your vehicles until you finish or quit.

7. For check-in on Thursday ONLY, you may drive up to the check-in area. It is the yard surrounded by the houses and barns. 461220 4721283 If you are checking in on Friday 0730-0800, you must park off the road as detailed in the prior point.

8. Remember, you will need to bring a check or cash for $130 (exact change please) for your radio deposit. This will be returned when you turn in your (working) radio.

9. No team will be allowed to start the event without a SPOT registered with us and functioning in TRACK mode.

10. On Friday, turn on your SPOT trackers and activate TRACK mode at 7:30 AM. This will give us plenty of time to get a few points from all teams’ SPOTS to ensure everyone is tracking.

11. In a few days, we will post the public SPOT TRACKER URL. This is the live map your fans at home can watch. No points will be displayed with timestamps before Friday at 0700.

12. We will have match T-shirts available for $15 cash (please bring exact change) at check-in, first come first serve on available sizes. (We also have some older CD shirts available.)

13. There will be a bonfire* and social gathering at the check-in location after the race concludes on Saturday night. All are welcome, bring your own comestibles. (* fire conditions permitting)


15. The core staff will be heading up to Douglas Monday or Tuesday. Once we are on-site, communications are very difficult. I will check my email and voicemail about twice a day and do my best to get back to you.

16. SPOT issues will be VERY difficult to resolve once on-site. PLEASE MAKE SURE WE HAVE YOUR TEAM ONLINE. THE FOLLOWING TEAMS ARE NOT TRACKING YET: #3272 Jones Pruitt; #8413 Younts Moore; #2804 Hasser Brinkmeyer; #1732 Switzer Primiano; #1067 Castell Vermeulen