1. Violation of any safety rule will result in match disqualification (DQ).
  2. USPSA safety rules are the baseline for safety at this match.
  3. Competitors shall practice good muzzle control and firearm safety at all times. Competitors that do not handle their weapons safely will be disqualified from competing further in the match with no refund of match fees.
    1. Do not ever allow the muzzle of your weapons to point at anyone.
    2. Do not load your weapons until directed to do so by a range officer.
    3. Do not put your finger on the trigger until your sights are aligned with your target.
    4. Obey all Range Officer commands immediately.
  4. In addition to the USPSA definition of an Accidental Discharge, the stage RO may call an A.D. using his own judgement. Example: if the competitor was clearly not engaging a target. Any round that does not impact within 10 yards of the target the competitor is engaging is declared to be an AD.
  5. The entire competition area is a "cold range."
    1. No firearms may be loaded at the match site except under the direct command of a RO.
    2. Long-guns shall be kept unloaded in cases or on a designated rack, and carried muzzle up or muzzle down and the action open.
    3. "Sweeping" any person with a weapon's muzzle will result in immediate D.Q.
  6. All firearms must have a functioning safety, subject to verification by an RO at any time. (A pistol that has not had any factory safety devices disabled will be considered to have a safety for the purpose of this rule.)
  7. Any firearm or ammunition deemed by any RO or match staff to be "unsafe" for any reason may not be used in the match until a determination is made by the match director that it may continue
  8. Any firearm that can be demonstrated by any RO or match staff to have a hammer/striker that will fall without the trigger being pressed shall be deemed unsafe and may not be used in the match until repaired.
  9. Any rifle slung must have an empty chamber, unless directed by the stage RO.
  10. No person shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs at the match site. Any person found to be impaired and unsafe as a result of legitimate prescription drugs may be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range.
  11. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
  12. This match includes dynamic shooting in natural terrain. Match staff will communicate what are safe directions to point firearms while shooting, or while waiting. This will typically be presented during a stage or match briefing. The competitor shall note and obey the safe muzzle direction guidelines.


  1. Rifle
    1. Minimum caliber: .243/6mm
    2. Maximum caliber: .338 Lapua Magnum
    3. Maximum muzzle velocity: 3200fps
    4. Ammunition subject to verification by chronograph at any time
  2. Pistols
    1. Minimum caliber: 9mm Luger
    2. Must be carried in a holster that will retain the pistol during vigorous activity.
    3. Holster must be "mounted" to your person only. Cross-draw and "small of back" configurations are not allowed regardless of where the holster is mounted. Drop-thigh holsters are permitted if they are of the retention type only.
    4. Pistol must be in safe operating condition
    5. Pistol must not exceed USPSA's "Limited" division specifications.
  3. When selecting your rifle cartridge, keep in mind that the majority of targets will be reactive armor steel plates. If your load does not have enough momentum to cause a hit indication that is detectable by a spotter, your shot will be counted as a miss. For reference, .243 is known to have acceptible target indication for rifle.
  4. Any shooting accessories may be used provided they are carried by the competitor during every stage. Accessories include but are not limited to:
    1. bipods, bags, shooting sticks, slings, jackets, gloves, or other shooting support devices
    2. optics such as spotting scopes, binoculars, and range-finders
  5. The competitor may use only one rifle during the course of the entire match. A rifle is defined to consist of a specific combination of receiver/action, stock, barrel, muzzle devices, sighting systems.
  6. Ammunition and magazines may be replenished at any time.
  7. Ammunition that must be "fired" to be unloaded once chambered is declared to be unsafe and may not be used in this match. All firearms must be able to be completely unloaded without firing a round.
  8. No steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer bullets are permitted.
  9. In the event a weapon breaks or becomes inoperable during the match, the shooter may substitute a weapon of substantially similar configuration for subsequent stages, but only after approval by the Match Director.
  10. Any competitor violating Equipment Rules will be subject to scoring and/or monetary penalties. Fines will be assessed if target damage occurs due to: forbidden bullet types (AP, steel, tracer, etc); disallowed calibers; or exceeding the muzzle velocity limits.
  11. In the interest of fairness to all competitors, active night vision devices (night vision optics) are not permitted for use in the night stages.


Each stage will be scored in a manner to reward accuracy, speed, other factors, or some combination thereof. Accuracy will be emphasized, and first-round rifle hits will be worth more than second round hits (if permitted by the stage brief). Stage scores will be normalized into match points to comprise the overall match scores. Full scoring details to follow.

This is an individual match. Any attempts to communicate with or help the shooter against instructions by match staff or any cheating will be met with penalties up to match disqualification for all parties involved.


  1. A failure to engage (FTE) penalty will be assessed for every target not engaged by the time the competitor moves past the target's shoot position. The competitor may not back up. The RO determines and has final say if shooter engaged a target or not.
  2. A procedural penalty will be assessed for failure to follow directions.
  3. Procedural and FTE penalties will cause -5 points to be applied to the stage score per infraction.
  4. The match director may apply scoring penalties up to full match disqualification for match disruptions caused by competitors or inividuals in their party, on his discretion alone.
  5. The Match Director has the right to disqualify any competitor for Unsportsmanlike Conduct based on his judgement.
Note: rules are subject to change up until the match date. Final match and stage briefings supercede all prior information.
The Match Director's decisions are final.