The SAC will be held at the Felix Canyon Ranch, SW of Roswell NM,

The on-site Endurance and Sprint Class meal and lodging package is $160 per person in total and includes a billet and meals when not on the course. Otherwise, the nearest lodging is about 2 hours away. It is strongly recommended that you stay on-site. No primitive camping is available.

Competitors are responsible for all of their nutrition needs during the race. Water will be provided along the Sprint and Endurance courses. In the event that a competitor drops out of the race or finishes early it will be their responsibility to pay Felix Canyon Ranch in cash directly for any additional meals and lodging.

TO SIGN UP FOR ON-SITE LODGING, PUT A NOTE IN YOUR APPLICATION AND INCLUDE $160 PER PERSON WITH YOUR MATCH PAYMENT. There are a limited number of non-competitors billets available, please indicate your interest in the registration notes and you will be contacted about this.

The FCR has excellent accommodations and a commercial kitchen that serves excellent home cooked meals to large groups of military, law enforcement and citizens.

With the approval of the match director, non-competitors may lodge during the event for $265 (includes meals).