These items are mandatory. There are no optional items on this list. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and removal from the course. Inspections can occur at anytime during the race. You may bring any additional items that are not prohibited by the rules. This list is not intended to name everything that will ensure success.

There are inherent risks in adventure racing and any shooting activity. It is ultimately each team's and individual's responsibility to provide for their own safety. It is your responsibility to come prepared both mentally and physically, and with the right gear, to survive.

Team Gear - One Set Required per Team

  1. 6x 4-foot lengths of 1 inch tubular nylon
  2. 1x military style duffel bag (will not be carried during race, but you will need it)
  3. 1x shovel (will not be carried during race, but you will need it)
  4. 1x pen type flare launcher with 6 flares. tru-flare recommended
  5. 1x GPS with batteries (will be sealed by staff along with cell phones - for emergency use only)
  6. You may be issued additional items by staff prior to or during the challenge, for example: radio, 24HSAC "passport"
  7. At least 6 high-energy "AA" batteries
  8. $130 for the radio deposit

Individual Gear - To be carried by each team member

  1. eye and ear protection
  2. 1 poncho/tarp (must be sturdy enough to carry casualty)
  3. 1 hydration system, at least 3 liters total
  4. 1 (at least) head lamp, tactical light or utility light with extra batteries
  5. 1 military-style emergency strobe light - white (emergency use only) - SDU-5/E or MS-2000 or equivalent (the white strobe must have 250,000 peak lumens and a rate of between 40 and 60 flashes per minute.)
  6. 1 red flashing strobe bike-type light (to worn in the hours of darkness)
  7. 1 reflective belt to be worn on around the rucksack
  8. 1 emergency space blanket
  9. 1 compass (not digital or a wrist compass)
  10. 1 firesteel type fire starter or magnesium block
  11. 1 survival mirror
  12. 1 pack of water purification tablets or filter
  13. 1 whistle (always with you - not tucked in pack)
  14. 1 watch set accurately to local time
  15. 1 trauma kit, to include at minimum:
    1. 1 pack of Halo chest seals (2 in a pack)
    2. 1 nasophargyl airway
    3. 1 H compression bandage
    4. 1 combat gauze
    5. 1 roll of kerlex
    6. 1 CAT tourniquet
    7. 1 pair medical gloves
    If you don't already have an trauma kit assembled to bring up to spec, we recommend buying one from Dark Angel Medical
  16. 1 first aid kit, to include at minimum
    1. anti-diarrhea tablets (6)
    2. electrolyte replacement tabs or rehydration salts (10)
    3. painkiller - Ibuprofen, Advil, etc. (6)
    4. benadryl or antihistamine (6)
    5. antacid tablets (8)
    6. decongestant tablets (8)
    7. 4x4 gauze pads (4)
    8. 1-inch bandages (8)
    9. 1-inch waterproof adhesive tape - 3 feet (1)
    10. moleskin or blister treatment (5)
    11. needle (1)
    12. tweezers (1)
    13. 2 oz betadine, antibiotic ointment packets or tube (1)
    14. scissors (1)
    15. epinephrine - If known ANAPHYLACTIC team member
    If you don't have a first-ait kit already assembled for the basis of your 24HSAC kit, we recommend starting with one of the Adventure Medical Kits (Ultralite) and adding the extra items to bring it up to our spec.
  17. 1 ID packet including your full contact info, your partner's info and any other trip companions, and at least two emergency contacts, and any relevant personal medical information
  1. 1x long-range rifle, to be carried by the designated long-range rifle shooter.
  2. 1x carbine, to be carried by the designated carbine shooter.
  3. 2x pistols, one to be carried by each team member in a secure holster. See holster rules for acceptable carry setups.
  4. all carbine and pistol cartridges must be carried loaded in magazines. At least one magazine for each must be accessible without digging into the rucksack.
  5. both long guns must be equipped with slings appropriate for safe carry.
  6. note: all firearms will be carried unloaded until directed by a range officer to load
The following items are not mandated by rules but are strongly recommended.
  1. 1 pair of long pants (can be worn)
  2. 1 shirt, long or short sleeved (can be worn)
  3. 1 pair of close-toed shoes or boots (can be worn)
  4. 1 rain/water proof jacket
  5. 1 long sleeve polypro or fleece
  6. 1 wool or polypro beanie
  7. 2 pairs of hiking socks (1 can be worn)
  8. 1 pair of sturdy gloves (flight gloves, mechanix etc.)
  9. SPOT personal tracker. These can be rented for approximately $35/week from a variety of vendors.